Sunday , July 23 2017

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Shop-owner beats tax officer conducting audits on Patmos island

A local shop-owner beat tax officers conducting audits on the island of Patmos, Dodecanese, on Saturday.  It needed the intervention of two ministers so that local authorities detain the perpetrator. The three tax auditors had arrived on the island of Apocalypse in the context a ‘tax evasion safari’ launched by …

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“Unprecedented -Greece is several economic tragedies rolled into one”

Greece’s economy and debt crisis – an underrepresented tragedy watched closely by the economists of the future. As an example to be avoided. “Unprecedented – Greece is several economic tragedies rolled into one,” writes Dan Kopf, economics and markets reporter. He puts Greece’s financial crisis and economic plight in historical …

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S&P Raises Outlook On Greece Ahead Of Bond Sale, Keeps B- Rating

Consider it a kiss to the bond investors who are expected to oversubscribe the upcoming latest “triumphal” Greek return to the bond markets, as soon as next week. Moments ago, rather unexpectedly, S&P raised its outlook on Greece from Stable to Positive, but reaffirmed the Greek rating at B-. The …

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