Sunday , December 17 2017
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500 Pigeons Poisoned Downtown Athens!

Five hundred pigeons found an unbelievable cruel death when a man fed them with apparently poisoned seeds.
It was Sunday afternoon when a passer by and eye witness saw a man parking his motorcycle on the sidewalk of Kotzia square, in Athens downtown. Soon after, the motorcyclist, still with his helmet on, started feeding the pigeons with seeds. Within half an hour the square pigeons started to drop dead one after the other.
Unfortunately animal abuse in Greece has started to increase dramatically in recent months.
There are countless cases of animal abuse with the majority of victims  being dogs who are burned, tortured, hanged or hit by cars and left to die. Cats often find a torturing death by mass poisoning.
It is an urgent request from Greek animal lovers to Greek government to pass laws that criminalize Animal Abuse as Felony. Only then there is a chance to decrease cases of brainless culprits to use innocent animals for their despicable instincts.
Please, sign the Petition “Animal Abuse to be A Felony” if you haven’t already done so. Please, share the Petition in Facebook, Twitter etc and everywhere to raise awareness of the problem and have people sign for this good purpose.

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