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“Royal” Wedding in Spetses: Photos and a EUR 300.000 fine!

  I couldn’t  resist! I have to post some pictures of the ‘royal’ wedding in Spetses…. I couldn’t resist because some blog – fans asked me to do so. So, I do… Correct! The pictures are from the wedding of Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik, an event planner. I must admit, I don’t know the family name of the groom nor his profession. His father was the last king of Greece; officially until 1973 when the monarchy was abolished and the country was declared a republic.  Since then, his father is referred to as the “former king” and logically and consequently Nikolaos must be a former prince. He might even carry the family name of his father ” Glücksburg”. But I am not sure…

                                                      Royal Kiss


                                               Nikolaos & Tatiana

   Tatiana & Nikolaos

        Nikolaos & Tatiana in the Church


                                                     Royal Charm

 Royal Wedding side effect: The constructor .who set up  the wedding platform. is asked to pay a EUR 300.000 fine. The metal  platform of 1.000 sqm did not fulfill security regulations and was set up arbitrary without the necessary license. The platform was set up so the newly weds could greet their high blue-blooded guests as well as VIPs from Greece and abroad.

                                                    Royal Platform

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