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Fur Farms raided in Greece: 50.000 Mink escape

More than 50.000 mink have been set loose from two fur farms in Kastoria, Northern Greece, last week. Unidentified perpetrators stormed the fur farm Friday and Saturday, opened the cages and let the animals run away. Fur farm workers, firefighters and even members of environmental organisations went after the run away animals trying to catch them with fishing nets. Only 500 mink were caught and brought back to their cages to wait for a life in misery and a cruel death.

Fur farmers talking to Greek media said that most of the released animals were likely to die in the heat or been killed by cars. They said further that mink kept in captivity are not able to find food or water in nature, that they eat each other and damage the environment.

They speculate that  it were animal rights activists behind the incident.

No group has claimed responsibility so far, but eighteen months ago a group called ” Hawks of Reprisal” had claimed responsibility for releasing thousands of mink in the same area, speaking of ‘genocide on animals by fur farmers”.

The fur farmers said that their business damage could be more than 1 million euro.

According to the very good researched article of  Ethnos newspaper, every December leads to massive … slaughter of mink by inhalation of carbon dioxide and then traders scratching their skin to produce expensive coats and jackets .
For a single coat  50-60 mink are carbon-dioxided and skinned . A coat price is 3000-15000 euros.

The incident was condemned not only by fur farmers ( which is logical as they lose their income) but also by environmental organizations. Environmental Protection Society of Kastoria, Nikos Panagiotidis, spoke of a “crime against the environment“.

Mink Farming & Mink Furring

Is the man kidding? Or do I misunderstand him?  Wasn’t the mink created to live a life in freedom in the earth’s environment? Or was mink created to live the captivity of  tiny cages and multiple itsself only for the purpose to see its fur get scratched by its body? Was the mink created  just to materialize the vanity dreams of human beings?

I remember many, many  years ago an article on German STERN magazine about mink fur farms in Russia. I can tell you, I was shocked ! And not only me! Many readers sent letters to the editor condemning these practices.

 I could write here all the practices about mink farming and mink furring. But I can’t, they are too cruel. I would need to post pictures or videos that are far too graphic. I can’t look at them, I can’t copy paste them.

I advice you read a very informative  article about this issue written by a blogger. In her article, prompted by a similar mink case  in Germany, with the title Code Mink, the blogger asked the same question to concerned fur farmers about mink dying  of heat or car: “Wouldn’t they get killed one way or another?”.

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