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Greek politician admits that he eats money!

“Where did the state money go?” That is a central question burning the lips of millions of debt-driven Greeks. Finally a government official  showed courage and nonchalance and admitted that he ate them! Funny? You think, that’s funny?

Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos gave a serious answer to a serious question. “We ate them together!” he said to angry people asking stupid questions in an absurd and shameless country. I guess the people looked at him with wide open, stunning  eyes, so he explained self-satisfied: “For years we hired you in the public sector, we ate the money together, maintaining a wretched practice of buying votes and wasting public money … blablabla…”    


                                       Theodoros Pangalos – Deputy PM                                                        

AHA! So they ate the money together, the now-angry civil servants, the XXXL- politician and his politicians friends. A clique of jobless voters and generous politicians ate and spent my taxes for their benefit! Guilt confessed is half a guilt!

As neither my family nor I have ever been employed in the public sector, I raise timidly my hand to protest and I ask my share! And the share of my family, of course!

        A modest meal   for a jobless voter

  Where did my taxes go?

 In voting and hiring! Sharing your guilt cuts it into half. Sharing your quilt with the society… well.. that’s Machiavellian! That’s what Mr. Pangalos must have thought then two days later he explained again, this time laundering of responsibility the innocent politicians and blaming the corrupted society: “The citizens went to politicians and told them they will vote for them for a job”, he said more or less.

 The Deputy PM of the Greek State seems to forget that trading votes for jobs sbeen a common practice for decades as it secures politicians with permanent seats at the Parliament.                    

                   Pangalos   & Friends


Does money make you fat?

I don’t know how they ate the money, whether in coins (light), in banknotes (full fat) or cheques (ultra light). But apparently money makes you obese! Many thin and nasty bloggers protested the rude statements of  XXXL-politician making ugly remarks about the proportions of Mr. Pangalos. In fact they called him in to compare their wallet content and their weight/clothes size.  Many insisted they were unemployed and needed their share. Mainstream media refrained from harsh criticism that could create an outrage, as the government enjoys a their protection.


                                     Pangalos pointing at a money-eater

Eating-Money: a worldwide habit

I was really surprised to see  that Eating-Money is a very popular habit world- and currency-wide. Searching  pictures for this post I found both men and women eating US-Dollars, English Pounds and whatever currency they could  get between their teeth.

    HUGH! Greedy!  Light Snack  


                                                                Plain Sandwich

By the way, maybe the whole thing is just a language misunderstanding! In Greek “we eat the money”, but in English “we splurge the money” – especially if  it’s not ours!

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