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Israeli tourists discover Greece

What’s the alternative to miserable weather and frightening economy news? Positive news and nice pictures! Positive business news and nice Greek destinations pictures, to be more specific!


The good news refers to Tourism industry that saw thousands of Israeli tourists landing to Greece in the month of September.

According to Israelis forgot Turkey as holiday destination and moved to Greece. Relations between Turkey and Israel became sour over the humanitarian Ship to Gaza – Freedom Flotilla  that ended bloody after an IDF assault last May.



Unofficial data collected by travel agents shows that the Greek islands were a big hit for Israelis during the holidays, replacing Turkey as the most popular tourist destination.  


An estimated 300,000 Israelis who have traveled abroad for the holiday season, and some 50,000 of them made Greece and Cyprus their destination of choice. The most popular destinations were Rhodes and Crete, which saw a 60% increase in the number of Israeli visits during the month of September.


 “After years of being considered too expensive compared to Turkey’s club-hotels, Rhodes and Crete have become extremely sought after,” a travel agent told Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. “The Greeks, on their part, are trying to be accommodating by cutting prices and giving the Israelis what they want more than anything: All-inclusive packages.” 


Travel agents noted there has been virtually a 500% rise in Israeli bookings to the Island of Kos and a 250% increase in trips to Thessaloniki during the holiday period. 


 As for Turkey, August saw a 90% drop in Israeli trips to the country compared to August 2009.

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