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Eurogroup-Juncker drops small bombs: EU knew about Greece’s debt!

“Europeans were aware of the situation in Greece ”
Head of Eurogroup,  Jean-Claude Juncker said at a press conference on the sidelines of  International Monetary Fund  annual meetings in Washington. “The crisis could have been avoided if  it had been dealt with  two or three decades ago ” he continued admitting that he knew that” France and Germany have won huge amounts from exports to Greece, but I could not say publicly what  I knew. ”

The small but effective “bombs” Juncker dropped were apparently not enough. 

Juncker said he tried at some point to find a solution to the problems and talked to a Greek prime minister . The PM, whose name was not revealed by Juncker, told him then: “I am governing a country of corruption”. –Needless to say that everybody tries to figure out who was this Prime Minister!

 As expected Juncker’s statement created a storm of political reactions in Athens, with small opposition parties attacking  governing party PASOK and main opposition Nea Dimokratia, that governed the country for more than 3 decades. Further they attributed responsibility also to EU and blamed the European institutions as being partly responsible for the derailment of the Greek Economy”.

So what does the good old boy tell us? That the Europeans knew, that some Europeans took advantage and that Greek Politicians didn’t give a dam.

My Question: Why did they accept Greece in the Euro zone then?

Can somebody tell me?


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