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Daily Archives: November 2, 2010

Athens Parcel-Bombs: Greek Parties speak of Provocation to destabilize the country?

Immediate was the reaction of political parties in Greece to the parcel bombs terrorist incidents. Both opposition parties and the Parliament Speaker condemned the terrorism acts. Yet some speak of political provocation aiming to destabilize the country, shortly before the local elections of November 7. Greek Communist Party speaks about …

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How to Tell the Parcel you’ve recieved is Suspicious

After today’s horror in Athens with parcel bombs delivered to foreign embassies, I thought to publish a useful guide on How to tell the parcel you’ve recieved is suspicious!  In short we can say that the suspicious parcel or letter is usually designed in such a way that the packaging seems …

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Athens: Day of Horror with Exploding Parcel Bombs

Police and Anti-Terror units are on red alert in Athens after a series of  parcel bombs sent to several foreign embassies. Earlier today Greek police detonated a parcel bomb at the Bulgarian embassy at Palaio Psychiko, a noble  suburb in the north of the city. A hour before a blast had occurred …

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Beware of the Virus on Facebook!

A new, very dangerous virus is on Facebook! You get an e-mail by a friend with the title/subject: “I got you a surprise”!  Do not open it! Just delete it! Then the ‘surprise’ is a dangerous virus that de-activates the PC’s Firewall. It turns your PC into a bot that sends  …

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Greek Dilemma No. xxx: Debt Restructuring or not?

Are we to restructure our budget deficit or not?  Is there a ‘secret agenda’ or not? Should we vote for local Mayors or for Strauss-Khan?  Is there conspiracy or not? Does Prime Minister agree with Deputy Prime Minister or doesn’t he? Shall I kill myself or immigrate? I am fed up with the …

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Greek PM: Warming up for Early Elections?

” I am not bluffing” (about the early elections) , said Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou Sunday in an interview to Real News newspaper. Of course, the interview was recorded earlier then Sunday Greek PM participated together with 20,000 at the Marathon Race. Papandreou spoke again about the possibility of …

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