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Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

I am flattered! Greek Politicians ask my vote per SMS!

¬†I am flattered ūüôā !¬†I am flattered because they all remembered me!¬†The well-known Greek politicians¬†who urge me to vote¬†for their party candidates per SMS.¬† No, I know nobody of them personally nor have I ever met anyone of them before. But they send me¬†their ¬†elections campaigns sms via mobile. Just …

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Mysterious Fireball in Greek Sky: UFO, Meteorite or just the Debt?

A fireball tore the sky last night over the area of Larissa in Northern Greece causing excitement and confusion among those on¬† earth who were luck to watch the phenomenon. NewsIt portal reports that the high speed¬† fireball was looking as if it was growing while approaching the earth. it …

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Greek Economy: The 4,5 Billion Euro Black Holes

Hm…it’s quite confusing all this fuse about¬†the state of¬† Greek Economy, the prediction of global investors in Bloomberg survey, the 4,5 billion euro holes and¬†the possible New Austerity Measures¬†… All these news came out just¬†days before the 2nd round of local but highly political elections. Local elections that turned into …

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