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Crative Use of Garbage, when municipality workers on strike

UPDATE 2: Municipality workers suspended their strike on November 23, 2010. Check bellow for crative usage of your garbage when municipality workers go on strike!

Update 1: Municipality workers have decided to extend their strike Monday & Tuesday, November 22 and 23, 2010. This practically means that the garbage you left since last Friday in and around the bins won’t be collected until Wednesday, the earliest. Read below what you should and you shouldn’t do while garbage trucks remain parked.

Many Municipalities have called on residents to avoid bringing their garbage to street bins as Municipality employees and workers will be on strike. The citizens’ action started  Thursday night.

What to do with your garbage

You can keep your garbage on your balcony or yard. If you don’t have any, just keep them close to your heart,  inside your 30 sqm apartment.

If you are a creative person though, you can do as New York artist Justin Gignac. Pack them in transparent plastic and show them off!

NYC Garbage

Following the spirit of  harsh economic measures you can even sell them and earn a bit for upcoming Christmas shopping or due utilities payment. As the NY artist says: One man’s litter is another man’s treasure!

If you want to make your friends a sophisticated surprise in Seasonal, Floral or Oceanic spirit, avoid the transparent packing and stuff  your trash in fancy garbage bags.


Big families can gather  smelly crumbs and scraps, fill up large garbage bags and turn them into stylish comfort puffs.


The absolute alternative, inspired by the famous Naples-style, is to bring down your household leftovers and complain that “Greece is the ultimate crap!”

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