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The Perfect Greek …Russian Salad

Hm… maybe I should title the post ” The Perfect Russian Salad Greek Style”, but it is a Russian Salad recipe given to my mother and grandmother by a  Russian-Greek friend  half a century ago – call it: Early 1960’s. And anyway Russian Salad is a favorite cold starter in Greece, so it does have a place in my website.

Recently at a Sunday lunch with friends, I brought in in my home made salad. There I learned that in North Greece, they prefer to accompany it with …Chicken!  Whatever…

I confess I didn’t fancy this kind of starter, until I discovered the recipe and decided to make it from scratch. Contrary to mom and granny I do not prepare from scratch the mayonnaise. How could you make Light Mayonnaise from scratch? By using Light Olive Oil?

Our Sunday lunch hostess was delighted to hear I would bring in this kind of salad because “it’s difficult to make and it takes time”, she said. I can assure you it is not difficult and it doesn’t take time. Otherwise I wouldn’t make it. Right? And I am a quick chopper, anyway!

Russian Salad … Greek Style


2 large peeled potatoes

2 peeled carrots

1 cup green peas (I use frozen)

200 gr. picked gherkins (small picked cucumbers), chopped

2 table spoons caper, chopped

1 jar Mayonnaise (ca. 450 gr)

No salt is needed due to salty gherkins & caper.

Boil the potatoes and carrots in hot water. After 10 minutes add the peas. Boil another 10 minutes or until potatoes and carrots are soft but not match-soft. Drain them.

Chop potatoes  & carrots in small cubes. Mix them well in a large bowl with the peas, the gherkins and the caper. Add the mayonnaise and stir well. Ready!

Cover the bowl and let it over night in the refregerator so that flavors can melt with each other.


If you want it more … fluid omit half potato and one carrot. I prefer it thick though.

You can serve as a cold starter before main dish with other Greek mezes or at a party buffet. It fits well with ice-cold Votka, Ouzo, Raki, Beer, etc etc ….

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