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Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

Why do PIIGS give me a domino headache?

The PIIGS dominoes have started to fall  within the eurozone barn. After Greece (“Greece is not Ireland”) and Ireland (“Ireland is not Greece”)  new alarming comments about the rest of the PIIGS are arising: “Portugal may be the next”,  “Spain is not like Ireland, Greece and Portugal”. OPs! Where is Italy? …

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What did IMF/EU said in Athens and made markets jitter?

After so many posts on economy yesterday, I must admit: I miss the IMF/EU/ECB boys in general and Poul Thomsen in particular. He is the favorite interview-partner of  Greek journalists, anyway -including blond cutie Petroula.  IMF Athens chief  Thomsen took the opportunity and during the interval  between Troika press conference and Airport …

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How will the New Drachma look like? (upd Roubini)

There is so much talk about the Euro, the “Neuro” and the “Seudo” – a normal Euro for the North and a devalued Euro for the countries of the South! It makes us tremble, shake and fall! But, hey! Somebody has a better idea: Exit the eurozone and turn back to …

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What is Happiness? The IMF-Memorandum, says Greek Minister

One of the top officials in Greek government seems to have found the answer to this crucial question. Theodoros Pangalos, deputy Prime Minister, deafened and consequently dazzled the Greeks saying: “The IMF-memorandum is happiness for the country. Not because of its bad side, but because it gives us the unique opportunity …

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Athens Public Transport on Work Stoppages/Strike Nov25 (upd)

Public transportation workers will go on work stoppages on  Thursday, November 25, 2010, joining the labor unions protests scheduled for the same day. Blue Buses will not come around between 5-7 in the morning, and 22-24 at night. Tram, Trolley, National Trains OSE and City Proastiakos Trains will not work …

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