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What’s on the table at the Greek Sunday lunch?

There is nothing worst than to work while other people have fun! There is nothing worst than to write about debts, loans & defaults and other unpleasant issues  on a Sunday.

So I have no other choice to increase my life quality than  turning  my PC off and join some friends for home made lunch .

What’s on the Greek lunch table  on a late autumn Sunday? Several tasteful buds. You will only have to enjoy the pictures as I have not time and lust to write them down now – I’ll do on a later point…


Home made Spinach Pie, Kisch, Mix Salad & Russian Salad (Cheese was on the other side of the table lol)

Delicious Super-Vegan and healthy salad made of white & red cabbage, red & green paprika, carrots, parsley, green apple and a AAA dressing; next time sunflowers weeds will be added

Main Course

Yes, we love chicken! This time baked in oven together with juices from oranges and mandarins on a bed of Basmati rice with pine nuts, onions and dry apricots. That’s our …Host’s Special!

You can drink White and Rose wines with these meal. And a good Grappa afterwards!

As for dessert you can have everything. Desserts we prefere to buy…

…And that’s true! You need hours to eat or at least taste all these wonderful things!

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  1. Hello from Sweden

    I cooked your “Lemon Chicken” and it turned out to be very good in my kitchen too.
    A question about the Main Course above – is the Basmati rice cooked at the same time as the chicken is baked? If so, is the the juices from oranges and mandarines enough for rice to cook in?

    Greetings from Mats in Malmö/Sweden

  2. Hi Mats, I am glad you liked the Lemon chicken!
    You bake the chicken first in the juices plus Olive Oil and some water. On a separate pan on the stove you have to saute in some oil (and some butter if you like) the onions,pines nuts and whatever else plus the rice. Then you add this mixture in the baking pan. Rice in the oven needs some 30 minutes. So either you add the rice in chicken’s half time or when the chicken is ready you put it aside (keep it warm), add the rice in the chicken’s juices (it will probably need some water) and add the chicken again on the top (as in the picture ) for the last 10 minutes.

    When they cook together chicken is more moist. When separately, chicken is a bit more crispy.
    Good luck!

  3. Thank you – I will try this soon, before or during the Christmas/New Year/Greetings/Mats

  4. You are welcome! Over Xmas/New Year you should try the stuffed chicken :). I want to post my two versions of stuffing but have no pictures 🙁

  5. Hello again, I will try this chicken, with the rice – at first. Although a stuffed chicken is also tempting, for me it must wait until next year, I think. But I will look here, every now and then, to see if I can find your suggestions for that – stuffed chicken.

    By the way – I spent three weeks in Rhodes in sept/october this year -that is why I have a “renewed” interest in Greece – and greek food and recepies – and found your site when “googling” around.

    Merry X-mas -and Happy New Year!

  6. Hello Mats, glad you enjoyed a nice holiday in Rhodes! I love that too to return home from holiday in Greece or abroad and try the local specialities in my own kitchen.

    As winter has finally reached Greece – and I tend to cook more when cold – I am going to keep posting recipes.

    You can Bookmark “KeepTalking Greece” or Add to your Favorites. As for regular updates you can subscribe to RSS-Feed/E-mail. Just do not forget to verify your subscription.
    Have a great weekend