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Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

The American point of view of Turkey’s Foreign Policy under AKP

I am overwhelmed by the thousands leaked secret diplomatic cables posted on internet. Cables that apart from juicy (Gaddafi’s blond nurse), funny (“Teflon” Merkel ) and definitely offending characterizations for some political leaders and allies to USA , they show one more thing: How obssessive the US Diplomacy is on collecting gathering information. I mean, …

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Padoa-Schioppa:The long and winding road of Greek economy

Ten to fifteen years of  austerity  lie ahead of Greece , Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa predicted for the Greek economy stressing that rebuilding trust in the Greek economy will be a long process that will last further than 2013. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa is banker, economist, Italy’s former Minister for Economy and Finance (2006-2008) and former …

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Greek Seamen suspend Strike – Nov 30

Greek Seamen suspended their strike after government ordered them to return back to work. Ferry boats and ships have started their engines as of six o’clock this morning. The strike that lasted one week has caused dramatic shortages on the islands.

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