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NASA Alien lives on Earth! And he doesn’t look at all like E.T.

NASA found an Alien living on …Earth!  The much awaited NASA press conference is over and the much excited news it out. NASA  astrobiologists proudly announced that researchers have discovered microbes that are able to live on arsenic as a replacement of phosphorus. Phosphorus is the element considered to be the essential backbone for all life on earth.


                                               Arsenic Fans

The microbes were scraped from the bottom of Mono Lake in Yosemite National Park (California, USA) and then were moved inside a laboratory with all the lake mud. Scientists were astonished to find out that the microbes were using the poisonous arsenic as a replacement of phosphorus.

Arsenic is poisonous to nearly all forms of life on earth. Even small amounts of the poison become embedded in living tissue, causing liver failure and ultimately death — in nearly everything but these bacteria. This fact make the discovery so unique and important, even if  thousands of people were disappointed by the conference.

Living on an arsenic-diet makes this microbe so special, so extra terrestrial and gives the “life as we know it” a different meaning. In fact, it revises it!

For the first time since life on Earth, scientists found a living organism with different molecule and DNA. THIS is the alien living among us – indeed, at the bottom of Mono Lake.

They haven’t make out how old these microbes are or where they came from. I heard somewhere they might have fallen to earth with an asteroid, a comet  or something like that. Maybe they will find more of the arsenic-fans if they dig deeper in the lake.

At the end of the day, we have two clues:

Aliens are not “out there” but on Earth. And that the Mono Lake is super ultra toxic! Something like the Lehman Bros in bacteria form.

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