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Athens Protests: What’s in the mind of the Riot Dog? (picts, video)

I had been watching the pictures of yesterday’s riots in Athens and there he was again! The Riot Dog! The dog that became international media’s darling last May. Yes! He was there again yesterday, jumping around on the very front line between the angry protesters and the heavy armed riot police.        

A flying flower pot? No, problem! Molotov cocktails? How boring! 

Watching the pictures and the video I have been wondering: What’s in the riot dog’s  mind? Playing around? Defending rights? Protesting IMF? Or Just curious?

Who is the Riot Dog?

 His name is Loukanikos (Engl. Sausage)

Breed: short hair Greek stray.

Age: Unknown 

Shape: well-build, robust, fit.

Special attributes: Resistant to Tear Gas

Special markings: A  tag indicating he has been castrated and vaccinated

Rumors about Him

Rumors have it that Loukanikos is the architect of the youth’s protests in Athens. Rumors are based on the fact that the fearless dog is on every picture from protests, demonstrations and riots occurring in Athens. Yet rumors could not be verified so far, as Loukanikos has vehemently refused to speak to local or international media. Nor has he ever answered interview requests via  Twitter.

 Preparing to throw a molotov cocktail or just trying to drink water?

Latest Riots Video

Loukanikos is  so cool just as the passer by on the video, who can’t anticipate for the stones and bitter organges war to conclude….

Video: Riot Dog / Athens / December 6, 2010

                              Tear Gas? No worries…. (February 24, 2010)


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