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My Prefect Greek Hearty and Quick Casserole, when it’s cold outside

I have been pending between a post about Moody’s close surveillance of Greek banks (too yuck for weekend), my recipe of Pumpkin Pie ( too much of writing), freezing temperatures in Northern Greece (too hm…), lack of information due to Greek media 48h strike (too boring…) and something light and quick as I’m a bit in a hurry. None of these topics were much to my liking. Who wants to read about freezing economy on a Saturday, after all?

 Got an idea, though! My recipe about a quick to prepare calories bomb, suitable for cold days, after returning home and you want to fix quickly something hearty to eat. We had just came home from shopping, frozen and hungry. We unpacked the bags, stuffed the things in cupboards and fridge and the big question arose: What shall we eat now? We wanted something warm…

A short checking and the idea was there! We had just bought from butcher fresh “home made” sausages with pork and orange. I am not a fan of sausages but the orange peel inside -relative big pieces – made the fatty, porky stuff unbelievable light and aromatic.

So do you do with a sausage, frozen beans and eggs?

You put them in a frying pan and make My Perfect Greek Hearty Casserole

I cut the sausage into very thick slices. As it is very fresh and soft it falls apart if pieces are cut thin.

I put two big handfuls of beans with very little water in the microwave and cooked them for 5 minutes.

I melted a tiny piece of butter and 1/2 tea spoon of olive oil in a teflon pan, and added the sausage pieces. When they started to fry I turned down the heat. Meanwhile the beans were ready. I drained them and added them to the pan. I spiced them with fresh  salt and pepper and some thyme leaves, fresh from my balcony. I cracked one egg in.

Ok, if it wasn’t the neighbor at the door, if I had used a bigger pan and if I had cracked both eggs together the beans wouldn’t have been slightly burnt ….

But it was perfect!

I enjoyed it with sweet, hot tea. My boy friend meant a bier would be better. Men….

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