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Daily Archives: December 20, 2010

Greece Stock Market in Free Fall – Happy now?

Heavy clouds have gathered at Greek Stock Market skies as cynical speculators have started attacking “poor but honest” Greece… That sounds too pathetic? Possible, if only there weren’t all these Fitch, Moody’s and Pimc’s that profit from their aggressive attacks. Greek General Index went on a free fall today, Monday, after …

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Athens Residents’ and Tradesmen’s Nightmare Before Christmas

While the rest of the world looks with great delight forward Christmas, residents and tradesmen in Athens experience a real life Nightmare Before Christmas. The reason? Lack of  cash and lack of  transportation. The strikes of public transport workers entered today the second week, creating traffic jams and long queues of people …

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Greek Defense Minister: Turkey is an active threat

“The country faces an active threat from neighboring Turkey, at the same time, Greece is the main advocate of Turkey’s  European perspective,” said Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos. The Minister of National Defence made this statement during his speach at the opening of the 19th International Symposium of the Greek Association for …

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Why does Pimco want Greece out of euro zone?

As if we didn’t have enough daily problems to deal with, we have to get confronted again and again with the “Hey, big spender!”, i.e. global investors’ interventions in the euro zone and their false sermons on the debt-driven EU member countries.  After recent Nouriel Roubini’s proposal for a debt restructuring, …

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Thessaloniki: Race to help a little boy, Dec 20-22

Do you live in Thessaloniki? Time to get up from your couch for a good cause! The municipality of Neapoli organizes an Endurance Race in order to raise  money for the treatment of a young boy. Ilias is suffering from a rare form of cancer and needs urgent help. The …

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My Perfect Greek Black Forest Christmas Cake

Finally home smelled … Christmas! With Almonds, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Sour Cherries getting slowly baked in the oven. My Perfect Greek Melomakarona will still have to wait for a couple of days… My cousin came to help me decorate the Christmas tree, so the sweets for our afternoon coffee had …

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