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My Perfect Greek… New Year’s Eve Dinner

My Perfect Greek New Year’s Eve Dinner will be an expanded version of the dinner I cooked for friends on December 26. I don’t know how “Greek” the whole thing is except the fact that the ingredients were bought in Greece lol

I prefer a bit of a Northern European touch in my Christmas-New Years dinners and not the pure “Greek Style” with 3-4 different pies and salads and 3-4 main courses all mixed in a food stylish chaos with dozens of leftovers you have to eat for the rest of the week. I love a light starter, one good main course with side dishes, a cheese plate  and a creamy dessert.

My Perfect Greek … Christmas Menu

Starter: Terrine of Duck and Roe (ready bought)

and a Christmas Salad made of Rucola, lettuce, Lollo Rosso, cucumber cubes, pomegranate, field salad and cherry tomatoes. The dressing had olive oil, lemon, Raspberry vinegar and Fig flavored Balsamic glaze

Main course:

Baked stuffed bio chicken spiced with lemon, salt, pepper and dry oregano 

with a vegetarian stuffing (I’ll post the recipe a bit later today..)

small Potatoes with their skin and Porcini Mushrooms

and my very special Cranberry saucewhich I enrich with fresh orange juice & zest, brown sugar, a dash of cinnammon and sour cherry juice

We had a variety of cheese like brie, goat cheese, Pyrenean with pepper and Provolone – no picture available then I forgot, due to the red wine we were drinking…


We tasted Melomakarona


 Black Forest Christmas Cake with slightly wipped cream


and Chocolates. I would have loved something lighter like Tiramisu or my special Cinnamon Parfait (both made from scratch) but I had no time as the dinner was a very spontaneous decision 🙂

For the New Year’s Eve Dinner I am thinking to add a soup starter (Rucola soup) and I will definetely prepare my Cinnamon Parfait!

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