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Greek newspaper: Athens’ Impoverished Eat Pets

I have heard and read occasionally in internet about similar incidents in some areas in Greece: that immigrants steal pets – mostly strays – and eat them. To tell you the truth I avoided reporting as I had some reservations concerning the motives of such reports. Were they really true, were they speculative or had just racists motives? It was a rather uncomfortable topic for me.

However today, weekly newspaper To Pontiki in a shocking report with title “Athens’ Impoverished Eat Pets” revives the issue and thus reporting from downtown Athens, from the area of Patisia.

According to newspaper residents of the area  have been complaining for quite some time about the mysterious disappearing of stray dogs. You know these strays of Athens that are regularly been fed by volunteers, neighbors and shop owners who leave a bowl of water and one with food on the sidewalks. Initially suspicion were against those who feed poison wo the strays. But no dead strays were seen around.

However things turned clear when immigrants were caught while trying to steal a pet, preferably of an elderly owner. According to eye-witnesses , another tactic is to steal a pet tied outside the super market while the owner is inside shopping.

Residents have informed the local police who apparently is unable to cope with the issue as the area has a high percentage of crime. In some cases, the police even addresses the complaints as  colourful.

Locals who spoke with the newspaper said that their complaints, have not only to do with their pet loving feelings but also with the fact that people have got down to  the point of hunting dogs to eat. “That means that they have surpassed even the last stage of desperation” stressed the locals. 
That’s why the Pontiki-report is shocking. Because it shows the economic misery and the hunger drama of the immigrants, of people without hope, who steal and eat what we love most: Our pets. 

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