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Toll-Free Sunday: Civic Disobedience on Greek Highways

Tollbooths will be open today, Sunday,  all the way from Tripolis (Peloponnese) to Thessaloniki (North Greece) as a nationwide civil disobedience movement against the high prices in toll fees will lift the bars and let motorists drive through without paying.

Local residents and members of the civic movements “No to Tolls” and “I don’t Pay” will consecutive lift the bars at all toll stations starting at 3 p.m. until 5 p.m.

 With sloagans like  “They’re afraid of us, not we of them” and “We don’t pay for their economic crisis”, organisation committees are calling all motorists in Greece to resist the high toll prices set by the constructors and they state, they are ready to the struggle in courts about the legality of the toll charges.

The movement “I don’t pay” has been flaring up since the toll fees increase of new year by at least 0,50 euros. One way drive form Athens to Thessaloniki costs € 22,50.

There are quite some cases in Greek “highways” where motorists pay toll fees even before the highway is been constructed. New year’s  hikes  set the icing on the top of motorists discontent.

Government and the five construction consortia are on red alert to see more and more motorists lifting the toll bars with their own hands and drive through toll-free.

The consortia ruling over Greece’s five main highways threaten to withdraw from contracts and leave the highways unfinished and without maintenance.

The government on the other hand claims to effort new negotiations with the constructors for lowering the prices.

People describe the contracts as “colonial” as they give to constructors the green light to proceed with price hikes as they like.

To get more detailed info on Sunday’s schedule, go to movement’s official website here (Organisation committees “Stop Tolls”)


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