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Greek Police reveals Name & Picture of arrested German, suspected of terrorism

Greek Police gave the name and the picture of the German woman arrested Friday on terror suspicions. The woman is identified as Marie Fee Meyer and is 27 years old. Meyer has been living in Perissos suburb of West Athens for the last seven months after having moved from Thessaloniki.

 Marie Fee Meyer

The photo given by Greek Police to the press was clear to see- The woman has been currently released (Jan 17, 2011) after a disagreement between the prosecutor and interrogator. I will report later on the issue

UPDATE !!! Greek Police said Maire Fee Meyer is NOT the daughter of Barbara Meyer! Please read the relevant article here

According to Greek Police, Marie Fee Meyer is the daughter of  Barbara Meyer, alleged member of German “urban guerrilla” terror group Red Army Fraction, RAF, or else known as Baader-Meinhof Group. Barbara Meyer had been wanted by German police in connection with two armed attacks by RAF since 1993. She had escaped in Lebanon. In 1999 Barbara Meyer gave herself  in at the German embassy in Beirut. In 2000 German Prosecutor dropped the case against her  after not having being able to prove her involvement.

          Barbara Meyer

Media report that Marie’s father is Horst Ludwig Meyer, also member of RAf, killed in 1999 during a clash with police in Wien.

Marie Fee Meyer has been friend with one of the four men arrested on Thursday in connection with domestic Greek terrorist group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”.  According to her lawyer, Meyer was an anarchist but had no connection to terrorist groups.

      Four Greek arrested

The four men, aged 21 to 23, were arrested after anti-terror police raids in several apartments in Athens sand Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. The four have been identified as  Haralambos Tsilianidis, 23, Dimitrios Fessas, 23, Dimitrios Dimtsiadis, 23, and Socrates Tzifkas, 21. A 9mm pistol and one Kalasnikof were found at the Vyronas apartment in Athens

The four men had been wanted in connection to an arson attack against a public electricity company building in Thessaloniki in October 2010. Their data were acquitianed by the police from the cell phone of one of suspects arrested last December.

Police expressed the suspicion that the four men and M. F. Meyer were called in to support Conspiracy of Cells of Fire after the detention of 13 group-members in December. The group is responsible for sending a series of parcel bombs to several foreign embassies in Athens and various European leaders. thier trial is set for Januray 17, 2011.

Quite some Greek journalists criticized Police for revealing the name of Barbara Meyer and stuffing reporters with information about the mother and her  RAF-connection before revealing the information about  Marie Fee Meyer. “A cheap trick to link to RAF” said a Greek commentator during prime time news last night.

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