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Sea tragedy with immigrants off Corfu island – 22 missing

A tragedy occurred off 30 miles off the Greek island of Corfu in western Greece, when a boat carrying illegal immigrants sank. 241 people were rescued but 22 are missing in the cold waters of the Ionian Sea.  

Quoting Greek coastguards, media report that the wooden boat  (beating the nice Turkish name ) “Hasan Reis” got in troubles Friday night due to bad weather conditions and rough sea of 6-7 Beaufort. the 30 m long boat was heading to Italy.

A Dutch vessel was able to rescue 241 migrants. The rescued claimed to be Afghans and stated that 22 people went missing as the boat sank.

Search and rescue operations are still continuing with the participation of five vessels,  coastguard boats, two  Super Puma helicopters and a C-130 aircraft.

Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers coming from Turkey use Greece as a springboard for other European countries. The majority of them prefer to cross the borders by more safe land ways.

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  1. A lot of times we have same problems in Greece. Every person know that all believe that Greece is the entrance for the Europe.

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    in fact, it is the only entrance to europe on the land way…