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The intrigue of a Golden Chocolate Tear …

I was reading recently about a Greek politician who had spent the New Year’s Eve at a luxury Athens downtown hotel together with his family. The story was published by a Greek newspaper that was accusing the politician for ‘provocative appearance while Greeks suffering from the economic crisis’ and several other issues. I had read the story as it was reproduced by several Greek websites and blog. But only yesterday morning I managed to read thoroughly the original story.

No, I won’t write about the political aspect of the issue. In fact I didn’t want to write about at all.

However, while I was reading about the New Year’s Eve menu offered by the hotel for EUR 380 ( less than 400 euros OK?), I got intrigued by the dessert the wealthy men and women, politicians and not politicians enjoyed on the very special night of 2010-2011.

The dessert had the fantasyfull and mouth watering description: “Golden Tear of Manjari Chocolate with Raspberry Compote and glassy Lemongrass Jelly“.

 Golden Chocolate Globe

I immediately googled  it but found nothing more than  that “Manjari chocolate is 64% madagascar chocolate”, and that there is a Thai dessert called “Thong Yod” (Golden Tear Drops) made of egg yolks. Oh, a I also found out that Golden chocolate is a description referring to chocolate wrapped in foil… 🙁

 Golden Chocolate Eggs

Checking at google photos even an Eatable Golden Chocolate Ring was there, but not a single Golden Tear of Chocolate…. 🙁

 Golden Chocolate Ring

 The rest of the menu is … History

The rest of the pricey salty menu was rather boring and with a tendency to show off: 

-River crayfish with caviar & Fois Gras terrine with Port wine

– Permantier Cream Soup with shrimps & royal scallops

– Roasted  Lobster with lobster shell vinaigrette

–  Braised Turbot Fish with Milanese Risotto and Black Truffles

– Black Angus Beef filet Tournedo with Fois Gras and Green Asparagus

– and the Golden Tear Chocolate

 The menu was a bit too single-sided and therefore too unbalanced to my taste, with lots of dishes of similar constituency. Kind of sea food protein orgy and a fois gras chatter

But most surspirisng, there wasn’t any sorbet in between … A Haute Cuisine Faux Pas or a Master Chef  negligence?

How can a spoilt gourmet proceed from a fish dish to a meat meal without a refreshing sorbet to cleanse the sensitive  palate? That’s a sin that cannot be pardoned. Especially for a 380 euros  six-dish menu… 

I wonder if anyone would e-mail me a recipe for the “Golden Tear of Manjari Chocolate with Raspberry Compote and glassy Lemongrass Jelly”.

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