Tuesday , March 28 2017
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KamasutraLap: As Fun As the Real Thing!

Too tired or too rusty to try the real Kama Sutra? Why don’t you try the easy version with your laptop? I am sure you have already tried the one or the other Kama Sutra Lap positions. For some weird reason the classical position “Laptop on a table” is not present. Apparently that one is so super-ultra dull, that no laptop user with dignity would dare to exercise with his beloved laptop. As dull as posting about Greek strikes …

As expected the Tech-Kamasutra has excited the fantasy and boost the creativity of many users , some of them adding new interesting positions.

Like this one by pismosi

…and that one by renfield


source: all over the internet 🙂 like 9gag and gizmodo

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