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Greeks insist: Do not pay Highway Toll Fees and Public Transport Tickets

The movement “No to highway tolls” flares up despite the government threats for criminalizing the acts and  promises for fees reductions.  Today, Saturday, February 12, 2011 members of the civic movement “I don’t pay” will gather at Afidnes toll booth and protest the turning the refusal to pay toll fees into a breach of the traffic regulations. The meeting is scheduled for  4 pm.
Members of the movement spoke of “anti-constitutional” llaw and  declared that they will take the issue to the court.

A similar  action will be organized tomorrow, Sunday, at 2 pm. at the Toll Booths of Leptokariain Pieria, central Greece.

Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Yiannis Magriotis, repeated that there will be significant reductions in highway toll fees and discounts for those frequently use the highway, as well as ‘generous consessions’ for local communities with electronic tolling.

 “When all these happen soon, all reactions will be unjustified”, claimed Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, indicating that the reductions in toll fees will  burden the construction consortia and the state (the taxpayers 🙂 ).

Prices Increases of 40%

At the same time, several other civic groups blocked the tickets machines in buses in Thessaloniki and the Metro in Athens, so passengers could not void their tickets.

Despite the increasing movement, the state increased the ticket prices of Proastiakos trains by 40%. As of Monday, a single ticket fare from Kiato to Piraeus will cost € 12 from 8 euros. Monthly cards are up by 30 euros.

All public transport prices went up by 40% , from 1 euro to 1,40 since the beginning of the month. The cheap single ticket fare of €1,20 can hardly be used as bus lines have been cut shorter and thousands of residents cannot reach the Athens downtown using a single bus anymore.

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