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Greek newspapers: The Hot Purchase of Bribes and Submarines

OMG, what a shock! What a surprise! A Greek newspaper claims that former Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos’ assistant was involved in the bribes for the scandal purchase of the German submarines.

In an article with titel “We found the Akis’ Treasurer” Sunday newspaper Realnews.gr  reveals that

The evidence of the bribes show the close aide of the former minister. Yiannis Beltsios  has  functioned as ‘mediator’ in the purchase and received a commission of one million euros. The man, who held several official chairs, served as General Secretary in the Interior Ministry in 1988, when Tsochatzopoulos was Minister.

Realnews draws information from the prosecutors’ files in Munich, where a Greek shipowner testified to have  handed out one million euros to the ex-Minister’s aide. Beltsios dismissed any involvement and declared to newspaper he did not know the reeder and that he would take legal measures after he examines thoroughly the case.

Also Kathimerini  Sunday edition has a thorough report about the case and a list of  companies, side-companies, off-shore companies, etcetera-companies involved in the suspicious payments (read: bribes).  Charecteristically Kathimerini reveals that the bribes were some 200 -250 million euros and stresses that

Low grade and high grade officials at the Ministry of National Defense, the administration of the shipyard, trade union officials, intermediaries of all kinds and thousands of  fake invoices form the puzzle of  the ” black payments ” that have been given  for the purchase of the German submarines. 

Involved are companies like MIE Piraeus, MIE Europe Cyprus, Skaramangas Shipyard/Greece, Ferrostaal Essen/Germany, Dolmaton/Virgin Islands, the newspaper notes. 

Last week,  German magazine Der Spiegel revealed suspicious bribe payments regarding the purchase of Kiehl’s HDW submarines by Greece. According to the magazine, a reported 55 million euros have been channeled to mysterious routes during the transaction. Among the Greek officials involved in the bribes case, Der Spiegel named also former Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos.

Angry about it Tsochatzopoulos threatened to file a law suit against the German weekly. Tsochatzopoulos, once a strong man of now governming party PASOK, currently stays away form politics.

 Meanhwile, another Greek Sunday newspaper Proto Thema revealed that Greece paid 50% more than Turkey for the purchase of two Submarines, Type 214, ordered in 2010.

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