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Coordination problem in Greek government?

Is there a coordination problem in the Greek government of George Papandreou? The political debate was triggered last week after a Ministry-A issued a circular making ‘null and void’ the circular of a Ministry-B. Today clouds and insecurities seem to clear as two government ministers make statement totally contradict each other .

Deputy PM Thodorso Pangalos declared in a teleivison programm (mega tv) this morning: “It is obvious there is a coordination problem in the government”.

Minister of Interior, Christos Papoutsis, however stated more or less at the same time during radio (vima fm) interview : “There is no problem of coordination in the government”.

Go figure…. 

So sad and unproductive in such difficult times…. 

Last Thursday the Greek government was forced to make a sharp U-turn and withdraw an Interior ministry circular that was giving municipal authorities the power to charge backdated municipal taxes on previously undeclared ‘semi-outdoor’ spaces. 

Since last summer, more than 500,000 property owners had rushed to declare ‘semi-outdoor” spaces in buildings, flats and houses and take advantage of  Environment ministry measures allowing them to ‘maintain illegal enclosed building spaces for 40 years” and thus without paying backdated taxes.

The Interior ministry circular triggered a political uproar and nervous breakdowns in thousands of property owners, with media and opposition parties accusing the government that it lacks of governance coordination and credibility among the citizens.

The controversial circular was withdrawn after orders by PM Papandreou himself. Deputy Interior Minister Yiiorgos Dolios apologized officially but the damage for the government was done.

Greeks are angry anyway as they can’t predict what new measures will land on their heads and their pockets.

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