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Greek Lefts Divided as to whether turn “Athens” protests into “Cairo”

With the slogan to symbolically “turn the  Syntagma Square in Athens into Tahrir Sq of  Cairo” the chairman of a small left party is calling people to join the general strike demonstration tomorrow and “do not leave until the Papandreou government is gone”.

Syntagma Square is located opposite the Greek Parliament and is the ‘arena’ of  often violent protest rallies in Athens downtown.

Alekos Alavanos, former parliamentary leader of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) and former chairman of  left-wing party SYNASPISMOS has called people to participate to February 23’s strike and urged them to stay in Syntagma Square.

Talking about the anger of Greeks about the strict austerity measure, Alavanos said :

“The anger of  people without present, of a country without dignity and of a youth without future, has reached the rim of the glass. The anger is overflowing. Greece has also has youth, with a right to study, to work, to live and hope. The strike on February 23 is a great day”.

He claimed that a river of people can flood the Greek capital and that Greeks can peacefully demonstrate at Syntagma Sq until PM Papandreou government is gone. 

As the SYRIZA is a coalition of several small left political parties, some seem to adopt the idea of Alekos Alavanos, however the strongest party Synaspismos does not agree.

So we will see tomorrow if Syntagma will turn into a symbolic Greek protest “Tahrir Square”.



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