Greece in Snow Weather – Forecast

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Greece remains in the grip of snowy weather with freezing temperatures and stormy winds. Several regions are without electricity. Electricity cuts of 1,5 hours in the average are occurring even in several suburbs of Athens. Several roads are closed to traffic.

 Although weather forecasters were predicting the bad weather front since days, a failing state and private emergency mechanism and some brainless motorists driving without snow chains managed to block the traffic on highways even at 5cm snow height. Hundreds of motorists were trapped in the snow 3-4 hours on the national highway Lamia-Athens last night. The Ministry of Infrastructure ordered an investigation as to why the companies responsible for the maintenance of highways failed to keep them clean and facilitate a smooth traffic.

Odd enough the highways are clean at the toll booths. Motorists complained that after they had paid the fees the highway traffic was …blocked and long queues of even 40 kms were built up.

Ships remain docked at the ports as in the Aegean Sea the winds are blowing even at 10 Beaufort.

 The bad weather will continue until Wednesday afternoon and snow is expected to fall even on Crete.

Temperatures will remain icy even after the snow front has passed.

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