Greek TV crew narrowly escaped death in Libya – Bombed by Air Force

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Three members of the Greek state television NET narrowly escaped death when the Libyan Air Force started bombing the area of Ras Lanuf. Middle East correspondent Panos Charitos, Petros Papaconstantinou, cameraman Thanassis Argyrakis and two Libyan local staff were covering the developments near the town of Brega.

“The moment the cameraman started shooting footage, a fighter jet flew over us and dropped two bombs 80 meters away from where we were standing” Panos Charitos told NET television. He said,  that there were close to a check point 10-12 km away from the city of Brega.

“We made them clear that we were journalists, we saw press cards and our cameras, but they dropped the bombs” he added.

Meanwhile the three BBC reporters who were hooded, blindfolded, beaten and subject to mock executions by Gaddafi forces were released and allowed to leave Libya.

Video: NET TV in Greek