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Easter “Ceasefire” in Keratea

The withdrawal of riot police squads from the Keratea area has been agreed on Monday among the Minister for Citizens’ protection, the mayor of Lavreotiki and  a local high rank clergyman. The agreement for a so-called “Ceasefire” was initiated by the Bishop of Mesogaias & Lavreotikis, Nikolaos.

The two sides reached an agreement under which the machinery for creating the disputed landfill will remain in the area under theresponsibility of the mayor and the municipal authority. The local authorities will submit a proposal about the future of the dispute and in search of a peaceful solution.

“If in the next few hours the residents remove the blockades, then there is no reason for the riot police to remain there” said the Minister.

“If police squads go, we are committed to protect the machines from the sabotage” stressed the mayor.emphasized by the side of Mr. lavender.

Metropolit Nikolaos stressed that “the state was slow in discussing  thee issuewith the residents and the stakeholders of Keratea, so got to this point.”

Residents of Keratea have been opposing the creation of a landfill. Clashed between residents and riot police have been often in the news, with youths hurling fire bombs and the police making excessive use of tear gas.

 Police squads have been stationed in the area for more than 3 months. Riot police union have threatened to file a law suit against the police leadership complaining about their working conditions.

The state had been refusing the dialogue with the residents of Keratea and had left the ‘solution’ of the issue in the hands of the police, drawing the criticism of many intellectuals in Greece.

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