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Legendary Musician Nikos Papazoglou died at 63

Legendary singer, songwriter and musician  Nikos Papazoglou, one of the most dinstictive voices on the period after the junta, died on Sunday, at 63. He was born in Thessaloniki and began writing songs in 1965 when he was briefly a member of the pop band “Olympians”.
 Over a course of 30 years he founded a recording studio in Thessaloniki, where dozens of local artists recorded their music.  Papazoglou is regarded as one of the founders of the so-called Thessaloniki school of contemporary popular Greek music, a mixture of Rock-and-Roll, traditional Greek folk music and rebetico.
His songs  Ah Ellada (Oh Greece), Nobody sings Here (Edo kanis den tragouda), August (Augoustos) and Part time Buddha, part time Koudas (Pote Boudas, pote Koudas) remain popular favourites decades after their release dates.
Famous for his live concerts and his distinctive vocal delivery, Nikos’ most popular works were his collaborations with Manolis Rasoulis and Nikos Xydakis as well as his own explorations of the borderlands between R’n’R, traditional Greek folk music and rebetico.
His record label, Round Records (Strogili Diski) brought to light several talented younger musicians, but his contributions as a producer and sound technician to most of the underground rock scene of Greece in the 80s, at his Agrotikon Studio, remain rather unknown.
Nikos Papazoglou was nicknamed “the Indian” due to the red scarf he was wearing. He died after a long battle with cancer.

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