Charity Donations with Counterfeits in Church lead directly to Hell

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They may fool the saints but not the clergymen… those cunning ‘believers’ who go to church and  try to buy forgiveness with fake euro notes! This unprecedented hypocrisy was brought to the attention of the priest of a  church in Fthiotida, Central Greece.
The priest had found repeatedly several counterfeits of  20 and  50 euro notes in the candles stands and the charity tray that would go around among believers after the sermon on Sundays. At the candle stands the counterfeiters would often ask for change, so they would ‘trade’ the fake money against real one.

One, twice, three times, the priest got angry and made a call to believers and non-believers to stop donating counterfeits. The priest stressed that the effort to deceive the divine and the sacred leads the false donors closer to …hell!

Source: Proto Thema