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Probe into “Greek Debt Restructure” rumors E-mail

No, that e-mail claiming a Greek Debt Restructuring to happen on Easter Saturday wasn’t a hoax, after all. The e-mail was written by a trader of Citigroup in London, sent to a Greek bank employee, who forwarded it to several friends and foes. The e-mail landed at the Greek Finance Ministry’s inbox, the ministryordered the public prosecutor to investigate the issue, the Europol was called in and the Citigroup guy, Paul Moos (according to daily TA NEA) was located and identified. Now the Greek authorities ask the exemplary punishment of the e-mail sender, while they consider to punish also those who forwarded it. The  Citigroup that denies any wrongdoing (AFP) and claims, Moss acted unasked. He is expected to be questioned by Interpol detectives (Guardian ).

A similar e-mail has been identified to have been sent and forwarded by an employee of an investment bank in Hong Kong.

Greece’s Finance Ministry asks the exemplary punishment of the e-mail sender. It said in a statement: 

“But because such dissemination of false news can create anxiety among the wider public, the finance ministry will henceforth request the identification and exemplary punishment of those responsible, exhausting all legal means.” 

Greek police’s cybercrime division asked the help from British authorities. The investigation was called after markets became volatile on Wednesday. 

Yields on Greek 10-year bonds reached just under 15 percent Thursday, a record 11.8 points higher than the benchmarch German issue. Pressure was even greater. 

The government has repeatedly denied rumours that it will not honor its debt deals. (businessweek)

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