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Public Poll: 75% Greeks Negative on IMF, 33% Favors Changes through ‘Revolution’

Greeks are tired – tired of uncertainty, of recession, of empty pockets, of grim future, of political parties, of seek-and-hide governmental games and most of all, Greeks are tired of Greece’s lenders, the esteemed ladies and gentlemen of IMF (Strauss-Kahn excluded lol), EU (Merkel included) and ECB (bankers in any form included). The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) or “Mnemonio” as we language-austerity wise call it here and all its hidden provisions and orders, it really kills the Greeks. Still, one year after its implementation. Especially seeing that it hasn’t help much, apart from uploading new debt and interest rates.

64% considers as possible the scenario that the country will go bankrupt.

The negative public mood is been very clearly mirrored in a public poll by Public Issue that was broadcasted last night by private television SKAI.

53% wish re-negotiation of the debt

Only 17% believe, the MoU implementation should continue and another 17% ask ‘the country should declare default towards its lenders”.

62% believes the MoU harmed the country and just 13% answers, it helped it.

69% believe the MoU wasn’t “one way street”.

40% declare that more than 20 years will be needed to face the public debt.

Who’s to blame?

98% gives the responsibiblity for the public debt to the Greek governments!

89% helds as responsible also the speculators, 70% the Greek Banks, 67% the big EU member countries and 60% the foreign banks.

To the question “What the reason for deficit and debt?”

33% answered “the politicians”, 21%  “the governments”, 13% “mismanagement and corruption” and 11% “the Greeks themselves”.

77% and 80″ said they didn’t trust the Prime Minister (77%) and the Finance Minister (80%) can  solve the economic crisis.


75% has negative opinion about the IMF and 74% about Dominique Strauss-Kahn (the poll was concluded before the arrest of ex IMF-Head)

64% believes that “the countries haven’t profited from the IMF intervensions”.

61% does not like ECB-Head Jean-Claude Trichet.

However 59% declare they trust the EU,  while 67% has negative opinion about Germany.

The majority of the Greeks believes that “major changes should take place in the country. 33%  favores a “revolution” – whatever that means…..

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