Monday , February 26 2018
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Athens: Meeting H.M. Legendary Riot Dog, Loukanikos!

There can be no Athens protest without legendary riot dog Loukanikos. There we were standing yesterday, when a modest four-legged creature, with eyes down to earth, unaware about his world-wide fame passed by. With his neon-orange collar to avert ticks and attract humans. He sneaked purposefully by, between jeans and capri trousers, suits and mini skirts, sport-shoes and ballerinas, mocassins and sandals.

I wouldn’t resist to his magnetic aura and walked after him.

I didn’t dare to ask him for a statement… I just whispered a shy ‘Hello’.

       …. And Tsak! Tsak! I took two snapshots with my camera!

I withdrew in respect, feeling blessed, a touch of magic – the same you feel after meeting a Hollywood star or a true leader….

PS next time I’d have an extra bottle of water for him, then he seemed a bit thirsty and tired – it was too hot for a protest anyway…

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  1. We wish we’d met Lokanikos during our recent visit to Athens. But we did meet some others:

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    I bet you wish lol

  3. He got a mention on Sky News in the UK a few days ago! I love how he is a real celebrity…. just someone please promise that he wont end up doing a reality show after the riots have finished!

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    no, no reality – just a book, his memoires “how I survived the riots as a dog”