What’s Up in Greece on June 3?

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Economy, Austerity, Measures, New Deals with the Euro zone,  Mid-Term Stability Programs, Tax Hikes, Income Cuts and Protests are up in Greece today, as each and every day in the recent past. And one public transport 24h strike – the urban train HSAP. The mid-term Stability Program is expected to be announced today or the latest tomorrow. For those feeling a bit confused about the Greece-Troika deals currently on the agenda,  there is a) the Mid-Term Plan for 2011-2015 containing austerity measures & privatization plans and b) the new-deal for an additional bailout; this seems to have been agreed upon last night in Wien, will be officially sealed in June 20 and will provide aid for 2012-2014.

The Stability Program is claimed to stabilize the fiscal sheets and balances of Greece – however in reality, it is mostly expected  destabilize the society, and boost recession and unemployment instead of development and growth. Greeks oppose more austerity measures without a perspective for the future, without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

The mass protests may have not moved the government but some lawmakers of governing party PASOK. The 16 are in their majority first time elected MPs, mostly from the periphery of the country, where contacts between politicians and voters are more direct. The 16 PASOK lawmakers threaten to vote down the mid-term program should there be no thorough review and debate at the parliament. The MPs’ ‘revolt’ has sent shivering waves on the backs of the political leadership, not to mention the state of the backs of Greece’s lenders…

Members of Greek Communist Party labor union “occupied” the entrances of the Finance Ministry this morning in Athens downtown. They took down the EU-flag and hoisted their own. They have planned a protest rally at Omonia Sq in the afternoon. The protesters strongly oppose the new – and the old- austerity measures and ‘extremely anti-social’. 

Doctors of a state hospital due to be merged demonstrated and blocked traffic in Alexandras Avenue for half an hour. They claim not to have been paid for six months. Most probably they’ve not received their overtime allowances.

“Indignants’ ” protests are expected to continue today for the 10th consequent day. Many wonder about the outcome of the protests and there are several attempts from political parties and fringe groups to put a ‘hat’ on the movement. However, the protests still keep their ‘spontaneous’ character.

Private sector labour union GSEE has called for a protest rally at Omonia Sq. on Saturday morning.

Last night, government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis was target of eggs, yogurts and even stones by angry citizens. Petalotis was delivering a speech at a Daily Care Centre for Seniors in the Athens suburb of Argyroupoli. Greek media tagged the attackers as coming from the  ‘indignant Greeks”-movement, until the government spokesman made it clear. Petalotis blamed a left-wing party and described the attackers as “followers of SYRIZA”. SYRIZA described PASOK members as “followers of the Troika.

Former Defense Minister Akis Tzochatzopoulos (PASOK) will be most probably taken to court for ‘irregularities’ in the purchase of the German submarines.

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