“Indignant” Greeks Return to Syntagma, June 30

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“Indignant” Greeks returned to Syntagma Square and took place in front of the Parliament on Thursday afternoon to protest austerity. People keep flocking despite the violent crack down and the tones of tear gas of Wednesday. Labour unions from private and public sector GESSE and ADEDY have also a planned protest at Kalfthmonos Square.

The air ist still heavy with tear gas smell.

 Strong police forces have already taken position around the parliament, the high iron-plexiglass fence protects again the parliament entrance.

“Indignant” Greeks try to pick up the pieces and set up their camp again that was severely damaged by riot police and Hoodies.

Meanwhile, the complains about police violence keep coming in from eye witnesses like citizens who did not even attend the protests yesterday but just happened to be in Athens.

A restaurant owner told ALTER TV : “Tell me one single reason why the police entered the Monastiraki area and threw tear gas inside the cafes and restaurants. I want somebody from the police to answer this question.”

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A woman tells the same television network about the invesion of police forces on motorbikes near the Acropolis museum. She claimed that one policeman threw tear gas or fstun grenades in the metro #Acropolis station and she assures she can give a testimony to any prosecutor.

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ALTER TV also showed a video of a police attack against a grocery store at Nikis street, without a reason.

You can see some life streaming here
I will keep you informed on the developments.