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Chios: The Island of Beguiling Scents (pcts)

Neat houses, anarchist nature and a strong religious sentiment. That’s the island of Chios, just a few miles away from the Turkish coast. Right opposite from the town of Cesme.

Thousands of scents, with more dominant that of the resin tears of Chios. Beguiling mastic, lentisk and thyme remind me, my genes are somewhere from here around.


I inhale their fragrance and I feel I’m alive.

And trees.. full of olives, lemons, oranges and tangerines. Pine tress and cypresses.

Thousands and more thousands  trees accompany you all over the road in the south of island and relieve your eyes. Green. Dark Green. Light Green. And Olive Silver. Everywhere. Here and there, a road with a view.

And then the sea. The shores of the Aegean. with crystal clear waters. Occasionally with odd under streams: your legs in cold water, your shoulders in lukewarm. Like in the beach of Elinda.

Chios is an island not too big, not too small. A tour with a car will help you enjoy all the rough north and the mellow south, the wild west and the charming east sides of an unforgettable landscape. There is a wide range of car rental options you can choose from. Just type in in Google Cheap car hire Greece  and pick the one that suits you most.

As I sit on the beach of Daskalopertra, I think how painful it must have been for the thousands of bereaved Greeks of Asia Minor, to sit here and watch their houses burning. On the other side of the Aegean. Back then, in 1922.

So many snapshots from this beautiful island, but no time to post them all. The sound of waves is calling me like a shameless siren…

Go swimming or just lay under the palm tree?

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