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Trapped Whale in Greece (video)

Swimmers and holiday-makers were stunned to see a huge whale to swim in the waters of Porto Germeno in western Greece. The mammal was first seen by fishermen a week ago who informed the coastal guard. On their part, they informed animal organisations but so far they could not lead the whale away from the Gulf of Corinth.

According to Greek media, the whale is 12 meters long. It is estimated the animal is hardly more than one year old.

It is not clear, whether the animal is been trapped in the Gulf after having lost its orientation or whether it found a delicious fish menu in the area.

Nevertheless animal organisations will try to lead the mammal in the open sea.

Amazing video:

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  1. should we use the whale as promotion for tourism? something along the lines of “even whales visit greece for the holidays” or “whale says it visited Greece after it heard of greek seafood menu”, “on my way to mykonos to meet my friend the pelican” and so on.

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    hahaha, another great idea. “came to Greece to boost economy” – our whale

  3. Funny how you mention the term “Whale” Because, besides the term “whale” meaning sea mammal, it also means “big spender”, so I’m not sure if you meant that you want to see Whales in Greece as in “big spenders” or “sea mammals” 🙂

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    ops! I didn’t know the term whales in contrast to sharks lol thanks