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Just a try to avoid unpleasant posting….

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The days grew shorter but temperatures haven’t dropped yet. Last night we sat on the balcony of my cousin until late at night,  drinking beer, eating cheese, chatting about God and the world, waiting for a breathe of wind. As I walked home at 2.30 a.m., I was surprised to see so many people awake. A family was watching television,  two guys were playing tavla on the balcony, a love-sick teenager was trying to persuade his girl-friend that he has not been ‘playing’ around. I returned home finding a flat ‘boiling’ in summer heat.  Today, a warm south-east wind was blowing and I was surprised to see the thermometer showing 38 degrees C.

The open markets was empty – just one/fourth of the sellers, almost no customers around.

Athens and its suburbs can be odd amd look incredible empty in the peak of the summer holidays season. Hardly a car around, but a very loud garbage vehicle in the middle of the night. Just a few kids on the square playground, some old people on the benches. Even dogs seem to have been off for holidays together with their owners.

I have been watching  two old ladies making rounds around the square every afternoon. Since three years – whether by heat or cold. They walk on a quick step – every day at seven o’ clock. Day in , day out.  They wear dresses and normal sandals. And they walk. They are normally two of them, sometimes a third one joins the seniors’ walking. The one of them, who is 75, told me once her doctor advised her this daily exercise. She follows this ‘medicine’ with religious devoit. She has told me also that she feels great and that she was surprised to have gotten so firm legs – after all these years.

Why am I writing all these? Because I’d hate to have to write about the upcoming German-French hegemony on the euro zone under the leadership of  this Herman van Rombuy. This is a real OMG-story….

PS I ‘m longing for a simple souvlaki, but all the grills are closed. Off for vacation…

Sunset by Kavouri, Athens