Friday , December 15 2017
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Athens Urban Train: It’s not a Strike, just 30′ Deliberate Delays…

You must have a lot of time, if you need to use the urban train HSAP today, then the trains move every 30 minutes, a delay that can drive you crazy if you are in a hurry. Furthermore, there is not personnel to sell you tickets, so it’s high time you learn to use the automatic ticket selling machines. 

Why is that so? Because 144 HASAP employees have been moved to Ministry of Culture as archaeological sites guards. Absurd? Not exactly! In the context of reduced superfluous personnel, the Greek government relocates civil servants instead of fire them.

Of course, the problem did not appear suddenly today. It’s just that HSAP union decided to by pass a strike in a clever way, so that the personel will not be deprived of salary. So it’s not a strike, it’s not a wrok stoppage, it’s not even a ‘white strike’, not even a ‘work to rule’. It’s just a deliberate action to decrease working hours by full payment.

From what I heard in Skai TV, also the bus drivers are going to change the operation schedules.

Smart guys, stupid passengers in a country where everydoby does as one pleases. We are not amused!

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