What’s Up in Greece on Sept 22?

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A traffic jam in Athens due to public tranport strike and a shock due to the new austerity measures announced last nihgt. The good thing among the chaos is that temperatures dropped – although some regions were severly hit by storms and rain. So it’s still hard to find news with good vibrations….

Greek media publish countless calculations about how much the new measures will cost to our pockets. In the average, every Greek will lose 400 euro. Where to find this money? Cut expenses and buy wood for the fire place. Then…

…. it looks as if the measures are not enough to convince the Troika. There are rumors that at the very end, up to 100,000 civil servants will have to be on ‘labour reserve’. Deptuty prime minister Theodoros Pangalos told two swiss newspapers that “70,000 work places will be cancelled in the public sector”.

It looks as if additional  measures will be needed. Apparently the issue will be clear after the Troika-Venizelos meeting in Washington over the weekend.

One of the most painful and outrageous issues of the unoctrolled taxation and the cuts in pensions is that the state even tax those living at the poverty threshold… As of January 2012, taxes will be imposed on annual income of €5,000.

“In Greece, a single-member household is considered to be at risk of poverty when annual income does not exceed € 4,264 (an unacceptably low amount considering realistic estimates of the cost of living in Greece), asagainst € 9,455 in Germany and 13,863 in Luxemburg. The average in the 15-member EU is € 8.319. For a household of four, the amount rises to € 8.955 as against € 19,855 in Germany and € 17,469 in the 15-member EU.” (Crete Gazette)

Benefits for families with 3 or more children will be cut, should the family has more than 55,000 euro annual income.

The announcement came last night because quite some ministers urged Finance Minister E. Venizelos to do so due to pressure by the society.

Downtown Athens will experience a protest-storm today, as Train-workers demonstrate right now, police officers and students later.

There is a Breaking News, that school students protests outside the Prime Minister’s home!

It is possible that there will be new strikes in the public transport and the taxis. We will know later on the day.

there is an unofficial Car Pool service in Twitter. Hashtag #carpoolgr.

Athens Stock Excange is currently down at -2.30%.

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