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Athens Protests: Stones & Tear Gas – Live Blogging in English

Blood is boiling, riot police is on alert and tension is high at the protests of unions from the public (ADEDY) and private (GSEE) sector on the day of the Greek general strike. Estimated some 15,000 people have flooded downtown Athens since the morning with banners, flags and slogans against the government and the austerity measures.

Video: unions protest

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The first incidents occurred in the block of protesting students outside the Athens university, when people wearing hoods  hurled stones against the riot police. The answer came quick with tear gas, while the “hoodies” hurled also petrol bombs…  The situation came back to normal after a couple of minutes, when the ‘hoodies’ moved from the students’ block to the protesting GESSE-ADEDY.

 Near the Greek parliament police fired tear gas against municipality workers when the latter tried to break the police security ‘wall’.

As ‘hoodies’ are at Syntagma Square and it is estimated that riots might break out, KTG considers a live-blogging…

*****Stay tuned!*****

13:39 Stones and tear gas outside the hotel Grande Bretagne at Syntagma Sq. Unconfirmed information claims ‘hoodies’ beat a protester in the head.

Protesters set an EU flag on fire

Protesters try to push back the security wall




Επεισόδια στο Σύνταγμα. Μεταξύ διαδηλωτών και ΜΑΤ by News247

14:05 Police has apparently detained some …troublemakers. Not clear if protesters or hoodies…

Video: Hoodies hurling stones outside Grande Bretagne Hotel very close to Greek Palriament

Κουκουλοφόροι πετούν πέτρες by fon1972

Ha! Famous riot dog Loukanikos could not miss the … event!

14:27 Riot police entered the Metro Station at Syntagma Sq, beat the Metro workers with clubs and fired tear gas. (MEGA TV). It’s not clear why… Police remains inside the Metro station. A prosecutor is due to go and get the situation under control.

Video injured at the Metro Station – what people shout at police is not for young KTG-readers…

Video: Police beats protester laying on the ground

The Crack-Down Formula seems to have success: first some ‘hoodies’ create trouble and provoke riot police, police fires tear gas and starts beating, people get angry and scared, the rest is known… The demonstration falls apart, people get scared to join future protests.

There are reports of 2 injured protesters.

Reports about more injured protesters – police beat even journalists covering the protests – one report says a woman photographer was beaten in the face with the shield!

Greek media report of very violent beating by the police for no reason (skaitv).

Groups of youth hurle stones against riot police squads outside the parliament.

Video: police in the Syntagma Metro

Video: Hoodies hurl stones against riot police outside the Parliament, while the police had opened the street to …traffic

Video: Metro employee says “it’s a redicule for the Greek society, to be beatne by police. She says, police beat even the Metro workers wearing ID jackets. “We hvae called the polcie. But what? The police will come for the ..[riot] police? I don’t think they’ll come!”

Senior Set EU Flag on Fire – He holds a placard “My pension is 360.80 EURO”

15:44 Clashes between groups of youth and riot police continue at Syntagma Sq.

Video: Protesters (civil servants) lash out against riot police. “Who pays your salary? We do”, “Why do you beat us? We are just like you. 700Euro per month”

Video Collage

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16:48 Riot Police has moved inside the Syntagma Sq and has almost empted it from people. Riot police also pushed away journalists and photographers.
There are reports about detention – number unknown.

Video – earlier: Police fired tear gas at Metro entrance, people shout “No here, kids!” – Troublemakers destroy ticket machines – Metro workers urge police to leave

Incredible! Riot Policemen throw stones at protesters trapped at the stairs of the Metro and also spit at them! Voice: “Why are you spitting, idiot?”

17:46 according to latest reports, there is still tension at Syntagma Sq. and the area around. People gather, break apart, police chases them

Video – earlier: Protester (most likely civil servant)  shouts to riot police: “Do YOU have a mother? Do you have balls?”

<iframe src=”;byline=0&amp;portrait=0” width=”400″ height=”225″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=”Χωρίς” _mce_href=”″>Χωρίς”>″>Χωρίς αντίσταση</a> from <a href=”ThePressProject”>ThePressProject</a> on <a href=”Vimeo.”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Video: Police harasses journalists and photoreporters. Journos protest and some shout “Junta”.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Police statement: 2 injured policemen. 12 detention, 9 arrests. One civilian injured by ‘unkown’

That’s the picture of the day I think!

Riot policeman punches photoreporter Tatiana Bolari – photo by Yannis Behrakis

Caption: “Greek photojournalist Tatiana Bolari is punched by riot policeman during a protest in Athens. Several members of the media were harassed and a few beaten by the police.” Yannis Behrakis on Facebook.

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  1. Facts please, not supposition and hearsay!

    ‘…it is estimated that riots might break out’

    ‘Unconfirmed information claims ‘hoodies’ beat a protester in the head.’

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    and who dictates how to post on a blog, please?

  3. Thank you so much for going to live-blogging today!
    And, by the way, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” (Nietzche) and I value yours.

  4. Why are you spliting the movement between hoodies and protesters? between peacefull and violent?

    Every on the streets is protesting against the dictatorship of capital markets, its only your personal decision in which way you let out your rage against the surpressors.

    We are human beeings and when we feel unjustice we become angry!

    As a reporter and blogger you have to give information, FACTS and not judge about people how to act.
    They know the situation better than you…

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    I don’t remember any of my protesting neighbors ever hurled even one little stone to provoke police. And believe me they are very angry people too. Apart from the fact what you call the ‘movement’ has different targets as we know very well from the June/July protests.

  6. “Diversity of Tactics” is one thing. But to attack police when nonviolent or vulnerable people are around is irresponsible to them.

  7. If you want facts listen to the Greek government. The truth in our country can be found only in rumors. And I’m sure you know why.

  8. Greetings to Loukanikos 😉

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    lol thanks! Tomorrow I may post something about his excellent performance today 🙂

  10. this link leads to right wing conspiracy bullshi.. tènor: “today the greeks aren’t lazy, riot, hit policemen and therefore we krauts pay!”
    this one is sweeter: Germany earned in the 1st half of 2011 200 million euros interest out of the greek crisis:
    Sounds like a dpa/reuters…
    couldn’t find it back but there was an analysis in the german paper TAZ
    showing that it makes much more money because everybody is buying german state papers and germany’s interest is low too

  11. I think the problem is the Greek police needs to follow the NY Police and arrest 700 people, and maybe give them some jail time and possibly adjust their Terzias credit reporting score (as the do in the states if you are charged with a crime). Maybe if people thought they could have their credit score affected and thus not get a job, they’d think twice about these silly protests. But, I may be wrong since many of these protestors may not have a job and probably don’t care if they get arrested since they’d get a free mail in jail??

    Now to defend KTG. I realized that KTG does a great job. He gives me and other hyphenated Americans (Greeks) information we can use about Greece when other sources tend to be so BORING…

    And he has humor sometimes, like he does when comparing apples and oranges to Big Fat Greek Weddings!

  12. One of the facist pigs kicked Thodoros (Loukanikos) too…

  13. It’s good to have ‘on-the-spot’ reporting on blogs and tweets – please carry on!!

    Just be careful to report ‘facts’ – there is already enough misinformation in other media, and, over time, from successive governments.

    Don’t let your own standards drop to those of ‘tabloid “creative” journalism’.

    Thanks again 🙂

  14. keeptalkinggreece

    define: “facts”, ‘facts’, ‘tabloid “creative” journalism’ – It’s just a blog, folks, and it’s free of charge…

  15. I understand why the HOODIES are spotted and labeled as they are. In any country, in any riot….seems peaceful until the HOODIES come out. They act in a violent manner, throwing anything and starting fires. They are the reason that protests go wrong and people get beaten and arrested. I believe that the HOODIES are funded by the CIA and that Student group with the fist for a symbol, used to be the weatherman group or something. All the act is for, is to scare people from defending themselves against the government and all they believe in…and the rights as a human and a tax paying citizen.
    Someone commented about these protestors have no jobs….why do you think they are protesting? That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard/read. I envy the people that have the guts to protest, they are also doing it for all the other people who are too scared, busy, or stupid to fight for what is right.