Tuesday , February 20 2018
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How Would a Greek “Haircut” Look Like?

The haircut debate of the Greek bonds is endless. Technocrats, bankers and politicians table percentages from 25% up to 80% and billions of euro are whirling around our heads. The effects of a big scale haircut is questionable in any case then the situation might get out of control and an ‘unorderly default’ will crack down Greece. However somebody took the effort to visualize the haircut possibilities. Take a look below and tell me which haircut looks better…


        Excellent Photo-Shop work by <ADD+>

And here’s is the KTG evaluation…

25% the Afro-Hippy Look

30% the Hilly-Billy Look

50% the German Soccer-Fan Look

60% the “Criminal-Minds” Look

70% the Papandreou-Look

80% the Brad-Pitt Look

Good luck, folks!

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