What’s Up on Greece on Oct 22?

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A big question-mark is up in Greece today in the aftermath of the strikes, the clashes, the protests, the multi-bill voting and ahead of the EU Summit tomorrow concerning the Greek debt in particular and the euro crisis in general.

The sixth aid tranche of 8 billion euro has been approved by the Eurogroup at Friday’s summit and it expected to be released  in the first half of November. The Greek state pays salaries and pensions at the beginning and 15thof every month. Hopefully there wont be any …derailment or delay. Then my 84-year-old father has threatened to go and protest outside the Parliament…

Meanwhile the scenarios about the solution to Greek debt got on fire, and the rumors claim that a haircut of 50 -55-60% is due. “50% Haircut or Default” is the threat …whereas during the 1821 Revolution the slogan was “Freedom or Death“. 

In short: To ‘save’ Greece, its lenders offer a 50% haircut of the Greek bonds in order to open the way for an additional bailout of some 109 billion euro. Together with the first bailout of 110 bn E Greeks will have a burden loan of total 220 billion euro to pay back for the rest of their lives, their children’s lives, grand-children’s lives. That’s a nice satanic plan to ruin a nation with all its citizens.

It is said that until the year 2014, Greece must have revenues of 62.2 billion euros in order to decrease its budget deficit at 2.9%. Additional austerity measures will be due on the shoulders on the average tax payer – employees and pensioners. At the same time the privatization process and progress is written on the stars. What a shame!

The pressure through the international press is huge, the bankers have allegedly agreed to 50% haircut and the prime minister will join the summit tomorrow. But does he have any space for negotiations? However as the euro zone is threatened to collapse because of Greece, Papandreou could just shout “BOOH!” over the EU-leaders table tomorrow and scare them to death. Everything else is waste of time and energy.

At the same time, the Troika is readying for a permanent presence in Athens to watch over how the Finance ministry deals with the agreements. Did you say anything about ‘giving up national sovereignty”?

Political dvelopments (early elections, national sconsent government) are expected after the decision on the Greek debt. I would wonder, should a government goes through a crisis without a politcial crisis…

Chairwoman of Greek Communist Party (KKE), Aleka Papariga openly accused the police of provoking riots during protests. Papariga claimed two incidents where allegedly undercover policemen took part during the riots of Thursday. The stunned Minister of Citizens’ Protection ordered an internal investigation.  

Crowds of people have gathered at the cemetery of Vyronas in Athens to pay the last farewell to the unfortunate unionist and jobless construction worker Dimitris Kotzaridis, 53, who lost his life during the riots of Thursday. The official result of the autopsy is ‘heart attack’. However, the results of toxicology are due in two weeks. They will answer the question, whether the deceased had inhaled tear gas.


Seamen strike has been extended until Tuesday, October 25th 2011 at 6 am. However it is expected to be extended as the seamen union is not satisfied by the ministry’s offers. Already some shortages have been recorded on the Greek islands.

New strikes will be announced by the public transport and trucks for next week.

Municipality workers ended their strike last night. It will take one week to remove the mountains of garbage from the streets of Athens and surroundings. Some 50,000 tons. The strike ending decision hasn’t reached my neighborhood yet…

Have a great week end – if this is possible.