Friday , December 15 2017
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Sun and Compliments Can Make Up My Day; Yours As Well, I Suppose

It’s really difficult to sit down and write news pieces when there is such a gorgeous weather outside. Like an early spring at the end of autumn. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the cats are getting warm in the balcony. Peaceful and Quite. It’s rather strange though. As if no cars would be around. Am I deaf or dreaming? Suddenly the alarm on a neighbour’s flat starts ringing. Passersbys stop and watch upwards. Everybody is waiting for the … thief to come out.  PAH! Wrong alert due to some technical problems on the system. The only exciting news of the day proves to be a fake alarm…

I can’t resist the nice weather and go outside. To fix some ‘issues’. To buy fresh greens at the open market. Everybody seems kind of relaxed. A potato-seller tells me the secret. “We didn’t hear any news today, that’s why!”. And his son adds “Also we got the 6th tranche from Europe.”

AHA! Should we advice the media to be on strike every day? Or enforce them to bring up only positive news?

PS the flowers seller gave me a pot with sage on a 50% discount “Ahhh, always best prices for beautiful ladies” he said. (YUUUU-PIIII 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

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  1. Hmmm. Don’t talk about sage, please. I slipped on a mountain hill yesterday, fell down and into a whole ‘forest’ of the stuff. OK, it protected me from breaking something, but I was covered with it and I can assure you… suddenly the stuff is filthy and makes you sneeze like mad. 😀
    And about the press? Yes, it would be great if they would shut down for a while. Their part in this mess of ours is a very crucial one. Their, in majority, incompetence and complicity was necessary to create politicians and the structure that brought us here. Not only in Greece, but everywhere. (Not withstanding the few that are also around that still really know their job. But they are, alas, in the minority)

  2. such is life, to one person sage brought a smile to another a lot of sneezing and a painful memory :). hope you are ok antoni. as for the press the good ones are a very small minority so small that its negligible and the WWF should put them on the list of protected species