What’s Up in Greece on Dec 22?

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The extreme weather conditions they promised us are up in Greece today. Snow, strong winds and rain. In some mountain areas in central Greece schools have been closed due to heavy snow. Ferries and ships from Piraeus to Cyclades and Saronic Gulf won’t sail. Also in some other parts of Greece the ship traffic has been halted. In Attica and Athens there will be rain and snow is expected to fall on the Parnitha Mt.

Three days before Christmas and economy and austerity are still high on the agenda. However it looks as if the government did not dare to take new measures right before the Jesus’ birth and turn the happy event into an Eastern crucifixion for millions of households.

The planned cuts in the supplementary pensions were not agreed upon on the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. Coalition government partner, conservative Nea Dimokratia expressed strong opposition, the Labour Minister just submitted his proposals. Also the hikes in electricity, planned for 1.1.12, seem to be pushed a bit for a later date. We will see what will happen after today’s cabinet meeting. One scenario speaks of 12.7% hikes in electricity prices and new hikes every 6 months. The barrel has no bottom and no top either….

Twelve PASOK deputies sent a letter to PM Papademos and ask him to take urgent measures against the extreme impoverishment of households.

New scenarios about the elections are on the way. One speaks of elections in March, another of elections towards end of April. The coalition government under Papademos came together with the aim the elections to be held on 19. February 2012…. Will conservative Nea Dimokratia accept any extension of the Papademos’ government? ND leader Antonis Samaras will have a tet-a-tet meeting with the PM tomorrow.

After the total confusion about the exemptions and the delays in correcting mistakes in the calculation of ’emergency property tax’ the FinMin finally decided to make taxpayers’ life a bit easier. Until 20. January 2012, taxpayers can correct the mistakes or ask for exemption online here: https://www1.gsis.gr/taxisnet2/eta/ . Those without internet access can do this at the municipalities. I still have no clue who is to be exempted then a new circular was issued by the Finance Ministry. I am fed up to read all these circulars…

Daily newspaper Eleftherotypia is on the way to apply for state of bankruptcy (article 99). Eight hundred people will be without job. the staff hasn’t be paid for four months.

Paper-mill Diana submitted its own bankruptcy application yesterday. Workers have not received any salary since two months.

Another case of pedophilia shocks the society of Rethymnon, Crete, just a week after a man was arrested for molesting boys. In the latest case, the man, 50, is also a school trainer with a fav for underage girls.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that illegal immigrants’ rights are in danger in Greece. I wonder when the ECHR will rule that Greeks’ rights in Greece are in danger as well.