What’s Up in Greece on Dec 31?

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Shock and Awe are up in Greece, with the awful2011 going and the not much promising 2012 coming. The milking of Greek tax-payers will continue without break, and many have the feeling the state scrounges everything they own. And that neither Papademos nor anyone else can come to their rescue.

Disappointed by the politicians and the strict austerity, citizens would vote down the two major parties holding them responsible for the country’s collapse. In a public poll conducted by Kapa Research for newspaper TO VIMA, Socialist PASOK (12.6%) and Conservative Nea Dimokratia (21.4%) get together just 34%.

Much ado about nothing in the case of the two economic prosecutors who resigned claiming “pressure while performing their duties”.  On Friday they testified at the Supreme Court. The result was that their resignation was due to their ‘sensitive and impulsive personalities’. The case has been archived, they are back at their posts heading the judicial task force combating tax evasion. Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou felt obliged to ease the triggered turmoil and declared that “there has not been any cover up”.

The municipality council of Zacharo area in Ilia, Peloponnese, has decided to sue Turkey over the wild fires in 2007. The Council decided to proceed to this action after former Turkish PM Mesut Yilmaz told newspaper Birgun that the Turkish secret service was behind wild fires in Greece during 1995-1997.

Abbot Efraim,involved in the Vatopedi land swap scandal, remains alone in Cell No 2 in the Korydallos prison. In Greece the church and the government are divided over whether the monk should be imprisoned, in Russia monks and believers demonstrate for his release. You won’t believe it but even in social media (Facebook, Twitter) there are groups calling for “Free Efraim”.

Employees in the biggest Greek media group DOL (To Vima, Vima fm etc ) saw their wages to have been decreased by 20%. The representative of the Journalists’ Union in the media group impeaches that the cuts came without previous notice.

Two employers have been detained in Crete for having not paid the Christmas bonuses to their employees.

Tax-payers will have the possibility to fix their tax issues (emergency taxes, solidarity taxes, trade taxes, whatever taxes) until Janurary 20th 2012. The Finance Ministry gave an extension to the tax-paying deadline due to the confusion occurred by the tax officers strike.

The Athens Stock Exchange experienced losses of 52% during 2011! Twenty eight billion euro vanished in the air and the companies’ worth got down 50%.

Public Transport in Athens will stop operating after 9.30-10 pm due to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

A cold weather front with snow is expected on the New Year’s Eve and it will last until Monday. Temperatures will fall even at -7 degrees Celsius in some mountainous parts of  Greece.  Fireworks look great over a snowy landscape.

If you have no money for heating oil, just do it like him…

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Have a nice 2012! And don’t let others fool you!